Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of programs are on Joytv 11?

Joytv 11 is dedicated to delivering uplifting, educational and entertaining programming to viewers of all ages. For our complete line-up of comedies, dramas, current affairs and faith programs vision our Programs page.

Who owns Joytv 11?

Joytv11 is division of Zoomer Media, a publicly traded company (TSXV:ZUM) that caters exclusively to the interests of Canada’s 14.5 million Zoomers. This multi-media organization includes Zoomer Magazine ; VisionTV , one the Body, Mind & Spirit Channel ,,, The Zoomer Show & Zoomer Media companies feature content focused on Health, Travel, Money, Lifestyle, Advocacy, Benefits, Community, Relationships, Events, and more… all from a Zoomer perspective.

Where can I find Joytv 11 on my television?

Joytv 11 serves the Winnipeg area. Rogers Digital customers in Ontario can also see Joytv 11. For more details please visit our About Joytv11 page.

I have a comment about your television station, how can I get in touch with you?

Your comments and feedback are always welcome. You can email us at or visit our Contact Info page for more info.

I can’t seem to play the videos?

Joytv10 video clips are only available through the Flash format and will require the Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer. This is a free program and available for download via Adobe Flash Player Download Center. It is recommended that you have the most recent version installed – Version 9 or higher.

Why don’t you show full episodes of your programs you air on-line?

Most of our program contracts are not licensed to stream videos over the internet. We would certainly like to air full episodes, but the cost to secure these “rights” would be prohibitive. We will begin streaming full episodes of specials and content that we “own” such as, The Daily, in the near future. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the video clips we can provide.